Pledges of Care

Caring Promises That Win


As a corporation with a caring heart, BUILTAMONT takes up a pledge to share with the world our initiative that will eventually lead the way to a better and brighter future for everyone. This is one of BUILTAMONT’s winning methods as a principled, ethical and environmental friendly corporation for the world to follow. Our caring pledges are…

Ethics & Governance

We apply ethics and governance to create a principled and morally centered corporation for us to handle all issues with caring attention through the right industry and business ethics.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We ensure winning support to enhance the environment, customers, employees and the overall communities through community enriching activities and education.

Sustainable Ecosystem

At BUILTAMONT, we strive to sustain a healthy ecosystem to provide vital goods and services to humans as well as the environment through habitat conversation, tree planting and more activities.


In various fields including people, services and technology, we are on constant innovation with caring and winning insights to generate action that makes a difference.