Building Caring Actions

Getting to our vision requires a mission of building caring actions for BUILTAMONT. Step by step, these missions guide us on the right progress to get us where we want to be in winning partnership management with you.

Building Excellence With Care

In BUILTAMONT, our people, services, systems, management, technology and quality all has to be top notch and of the highest standards. We build excellence with care as the very first of our stepping stones to achieve our vision. 

Building Partnerships With Care

A partnership is also a relationship that takes time to cultivate. And like every other relationship, a partnership requires respect, understanding, compromise and trust. These are the values of integrity that we cultivate for building winning partnerships in BUILTAMONT.

Building Management With Care

It is also our mission to build our management skills and activities to world renowned standards. Here, we would constantly push our team to strive for more advancement, in their personal growth, in our systems and through technology for progressive growth that wins.

Building Heart With Care

We feel good as a corporation with heart – in line with our thinking, actions and intentions to create goodwill for the world. And we will continue to build positivism through practices of sustainable development, ethical policies and Corporate Social Responsibility to benefit the community and the environment where we live in.

Building Wealth With Care

We want to build wealth that can enrich all aspects of life as well as the people surrounding us. Wealth is more than just business; it is the creation of winning value in everything important in life. BUILTAMONT would like to build and share wealth especially with all our partners and team, and extend that wealth throughout the world as well.